In-Patient Care

St Joseph’s Ward

Compassionate Specialist Palliative Care

St Joseph’s Ward is a Specialist Palliative Care in-patient unit located within St Margaret of Scotland Hospice. It offers compassionate care to individuals living with progressive life-limiting illnesses.

Admission Criteria

Patients are admitted to St Joseph’s Ward if they are facing complex physical or psychosocial symptoms resulting from their illness, and if they are reaching the end of life. The admission process may be initiated by the Primary Care Team, which could be a GP, District Nurse, or Hospital Team. Often, a 24-hour assessment is conducted to evaluate symptoms throughout the day and night.

The Multi-disciplinary Care Team

The patients admitted to St Joseph’s Ward receive care from a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team. This team is proficient in addressing the holistic domains of care, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects. The support for family, carers, and friends is also integral to the care provided during the patient's stay.

Comfortable and Well-equipped Rooms

Each room in St Joseph’s Ward is thoughtfully designed to promote comfort and a sense of calm. The rooms are equipped with a bed, which may include a pressure-relieving mattress if needed. Additionally, there is a comfortable recliner chair, wardrobe, drawers, and storage facilities. Patients can enjoy entertainment through a TV/DVD player and have access to multiple electrical points for specialised equipment and charging personal devices.

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

Upon admission, patients are encouraged to bring their personal devices, such as Alexa, Google Home, or other devices for music and entertainment, to stay connected with the outside world, family, and friends. The hospice staff can assist in setting up personal accounts for accessing personalised programs and music. However, all personal devices need to undergo Pat Testing by the Hospice Maintenance Team before use.

Activity-based Programme and Bedside Sessions

St Joseph’s Ward offers a sessional activity-based program facilitated by the Hospice Therapy Team, providing opportunities for patients to participate in various activities. For those who have difficulty leaving their bed or room, a variety of sessions can be delivered at the bedside. These sessions include Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, Complementary Therapies, chair, and bed Yoga, relaxation techniques, Life Story Journaling, letter writing, arts and crafts, games, and access to a library service with a selection of books.

The holistic and compassionate approach at St Joseph’s Ward ensures that patients receive the best possible care during their stay, while also valuing the importance of supporting their loved ones through the challenging times.

St Joseph’s Ward

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