In-Patient Care

Mary Aikenhead Centre

The Mary Aikenhead Centre, an in-patient unit within St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, provides compassionate care to those living with complex medical and nursing clinical needs.

Admission Criteria and Referrals

Admission to the Mary Aikenhead Centre is appropriate for individuals with complex clinical care needs and who have been assessed as requiring 'hospital-based care.' Referrals for admission are initiated by NHSGGC South Sector Medicine for the Elderly Consultants.

Holistic Care and Support

The multi-disciplinary team at the Mary Aikenhead Centre is highly skilled across various domains, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of care. The centre emphasizes the importance of supporting family, carers, and friends throughout the patient's stay.

Comfort and Beautiful Surroundings

The Mary Aikenhead Centre is designed to foster comfort and a sense of calm for patients. The facility is surrounded by beautiful gardens, promoting positivity and well-being. Each room has patio doors leading to a private patio area.

Well-equipped Rooms

Inside the rooms, patients will find a profiling bed, which may include a pressure-relieving mattress if required, a comfortable armchair, wardrobe, drawers, and storage facilities. Entertainment is available through a TV/DVD player, and multiple electrical points are provided for specialized equipment and personal devices.

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

Patients are encouraged to bring their personal devices, such as Alexa or Google Home, for music and entertainment to stay connected with the outside world, family, and friends. Personal accounts may need to be created for access to personalized programs and music, and the hospice staff can assist with this process. All personal devices undergo Pat Testing by the Hospice Maintenance Team before use.

En-suite Facilities and Shower Chair

All en-suite facilities in the Mary Aikenhead Centre are equipped with a roll-in shower room, washbasin, and WC. A comfortable shower chair is available to support the easeful transfer from bed to shower.

Activity-based Programme and Inclusive Care

The centre offers a sessional activity-based program facilitated by the Hospice Therapy Team. Patients who have difficulty leaving their bed or room can still participate in various sessions delivered at the bedside. The program includes Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, Complementary Therapies, gentle exercises like chair and bed Yoga, guided relaxation, Life Story Journaling, letter writing, arts and crafts, games, and access to a library service with a selection of books, including audible books.

Dedicated Hospice Team

The Mary Aikenhead Centre is staffed by a dedicated and highly skilled team, including a Consultant in Medicine for the Elderly, a Specialty Doctor specializing in Medicine for the Elderly, Senior Nurses, Registered Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Social Worker, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Therapy Assistants. The Ward Hostess plays a crucial role in ensuring catering needs are met throughout the day.

Emphasis on Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Wellbeing

At the heart of all care and support is the emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being of each person. The Hospice Pastoral Care Team provides visitation and support, irrespective of a person's faith, as the hospice embraces an inclusive approach.

Palliative Rehabilitation Approach

The Hospice Team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for each individual. Detailed assessments are conducted to identify complex or hidden symptoms, with the goal of correcting or reversing underlying factors. The focus is on helping individuals be the best they can be and feel as well as possible for as long as possible.

Personalized Care and Goal Setting

During a patient's stay, the Hospice Team collaborates with the individual to establish a personalized program of care and support based on their goals and aspirations. Whether it involves simple activities like enjoying a meal or a cup of tea, bathing, or planning a short visit home, the hospice supports each achievement, recognizing that every moment matters.

Involvement of Family and Friends

Family and friends are encouraged to actively participate in the patient's care during their stay at the Inpatient Unit. The Hospice Team accommodates any wishes of patients to go out during the day and return in the evening, offering unwavering support in all aspects of care.

The Mary Aikenhead Centre is committed to providing comprehensive, person-centred care, ensuring the comfort, well-being, and dignity of each individual in their care journey.

Mary Aikenhead Centre

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