Jazz Up Your Sunday at the St Margaret of Scotland Hospice Jazz Lunch 2024!


At St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, we aim for top care standards, made possible by the kindness of supporters and the energy of volunteers in fundraising and volunteering.

Fueled by Generosity and Dedication

At St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, our commitment to delivering the highest standards of care is unwavering. This achievement, however, is made possible through the immense generosity and kindness of our dedicated supporters. Additionally, the boundless enthusiasm and tireless efforts of our volunteers and fundraisers play an indispensable role in our mission.

A Care Legacy Without Boundaries

For the care we offer, there's no financial burden on patients or their families. Yet, in order to continue providing this essential care both within our hospice and in the community, we must secure £40,000 every single week.

The Power of Every Contribution

Numerous significant events in our fundraising calendar contribute significantly to this target. Equally vital are the partnerships we enjoy with the broader business community.

However, it's crucial to recognise that our regular activities such as bag packs and bucket collections are equally essential. Many retailers generously host Hospice Collection cans in their establishments, amplifying our reach.

Individual Champions of Change

The efforts of individuals and groups who orchestrate their own fundraising events to bolster our cause are immeasurable. These range from sponsored runs to creatively themed social evenings.

Our gratitude extends to all who lend a hand, but our work is ceaseless. Our fundraising team eagerly welcomes volunteers who share our vision. This offers a remarkable opportunity to give back to your community and genuinely impact lives.

Get Involved, Make an Impact

To embark on this fulfilling journey, connect with us at 0141 952 1141 or reach out via email at fundraising@smh.org.uk. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can be the catalyst for transformative change.

Fundraising Events

Here you will find a full list of events which will be updated regularly – rest assured there will be something to suit all tastes.